Matt proudly endorses gear by the following companies:

Nord Keyboards - “If I could only use one keyboard (perish the thought) it would be the Nord Stage 2. I can set up sounds so quickly and easily - and I can assign just about any parameter to one of the many hardware controllers in half a second. They make great keyboards.”

Mark of the Unicorn - “MachFive 3 is the cornerstone of my laptop rig.  The sounds are amazing and the library is vast.  The synth engine allows me to design some ripping leads, lush pads and powerful synths.  The sound design possibilities are second to none.”

Universal Audio - “Quite simply, I couldn't do what I do without my UAD plugins, preamps and hardware compressors. The emulation of classic gear on the Apollo is just wonderful and the sound is amazing. I can't think of a mix that I've done without UAD over the years. Having the flexibility to power the plugins outside of the computer is just unreal. ”

Complete Gear List:

Keyboard Gear
Nord Stage Ex 88
Nord Electro 4 HP
Roland AX-Synth Keytar
Korg Kronos X 88
Akai MPK 88 Keyboard Controller
Samson Graphite Controller
Roland KC Amplifiers

Guitar Gear
Taylor T3 Semi-Hollow Electric
Taylor 714ce Fall 2009 Acoustic
Line 6 Variax 700
Mesa Boogie Express Amplifier
Line 6 AmpliFi
Morley Maverick Mini-Wah
Gator Mega Bone Pedalboard
Boss GT-10 FX Pedal

Computer Gear
Mac Pro / Macbook Pro / iPad / iPhone
Apple Logic Pro X / Mainstage
Apogee GIO
UAD Apollo Quad
Modartt Pianoteq
Native Instruments Komplete
MOTU Digital Performer
MOTU Symphonic Instrument
MOTU MachFive 3
Avid Pro Tools

Live Sound Gear
Shure ULX Wireless Instrument System
Shure ULX WIreless Mics
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer
QSC K12 Speakers