Music Industry

Matt is extremely active in the field of modern musical products and technologies.  He has been instrumental in the development of several music products including keyboards, software and digital audio workstations.

Matt demonstrates the Samson Graphite midi controller for Sweetwater Sound.

Clinician, Trainer, Author

Clinician - Matt has presented music curriculum and products at NAMM, NYSMMA and ASTA conferences.  He has demonstrated music technology lab techniques and usage for various schools and music retailers.

Training - Matt is also a highly in-demand trainer and exhibitor. He has presented a myriad of techniques, workshops and products from NAMM to NYSSMA. Matt's ability to present the best and most useful parts of an instrument's design have made him a sought-after trainer and exhibitor.

Author - Matt is a content contributor at AskAudio Magazine as well as the macProVideo hub.  He has written a number of articles about music, education, instrument development and product reviews.

Matt has worked on documentation as well as video-based tutorials for many modern music products.


Product Consultant

Matt has been on the development / beta testing team for numerous instruments and software products.  He has consulted on pre-release software, assisted with documentation and directed development efforts for various products from Samson, MOTU, Apple, Native Instruments and many other companies.

His insight and knowledge of design have helped to shape products for use in the professional and educational markets.

Matt has demonstrated both products and music technology curriculum for organizations nationwide.

Matt demonstrates the Samson Carbon 49 midi controller

Tutorials and Promotion

Matt has created tutorials and promotional videos for many popular music products.  He has collaborated with companies like Apple, Native Instruments, FXspansion, Mark of the Unicorn, Universal Audio and many more.

Matt's ability to learn a piece of software inside and out at astonishing speed has enabled many software developers to offer complete tutorials at product launch. 

Matt recorded, produced and edited this video series from bassist Brad Russell in conjunction with Radial Engineering and Zoom North America.